Prickett, Launcelot

Prickett, Launcelot            1916 June 9th               Netheravon

The second enquiry (see also Chamberlin, Lieutenant) concerned the death of Captain Launcelot Prickett, of the Royal Garrison Artillery, attached to the Royal Flying Corps, whose home was said to be at Warfield, Worthing, age 28 years.

The evidence showed that the captain was a passenger in a monoplane piloted by Second-Lieutenant Buchanan. They started the engine in the shed and the machine ran out, and just as it appeared to leave the ground it turned and banked steeply to the left, then side-slipped and turned completely over. Officers and men ran to the spot and got the pilot out, but almost immediately the petrol tank exploded and the whole machine was enveloped in flames. Captain Prickett was right underneath, and it was impossible to get at him until the fire was put out by sand, when he was dead. It was considered that the wind had something to do with the accident.

Lieutenant P L Moore, RAMC, said death was due to shock caused by the burns.

A verdict of accidental death was returned by the jury.


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