Several 1894 cases stand incomplete due to the Salisbury Times not following up initial reports.

The Plowman railway suicide is one of a number of cases I have found of former soldiers who had been in India and who have had severe illness with persistent mental trouble.  Frederick Felstone’s death was foreseen by a number of people who saw him riding the shafts of his vehicle through Tisbury, whilst the Penruddocke case shows that a clean and labelled bottle carried into a chemist’s shop was quite sufficient to procure whatever deadly poison one required.

The Tanner, Springford and Hopkins cases all involve – we assume – unwanted pregnancy, and follow the all-too-frequent pattern of these cases, with the exception that the Tanner case ends up being a blame-game between the two female witnesses.

The Flint case gives the obvious advise that one should not really feed a two-week-old babe on Bath Biscuits and milk.  Having a reasonably quiet baby was probably somewhat of a boon to the parents in the Dowdell case, but the child was peaceable, alas, for a reason.  The Woodgate case is not the first drowning at Harnham Mill, but does describe that the path and narrow wooden bridges were totally unfenced at this time.

Finally, I must admit I read the case of George Dunn with some cynicism – what sort of fall did the poor man have at the Fisherton Asylum for him to suffer an eye-wound and eight broken ribs, one puncturing the lung?


Pearce, Richard                                      Chippenham

Boyd, Adam                                           Swindon

Smith, George                                        Shrewton

Miles, May                                              Netherhampton

Young, William                                       Ebbesbourne Wake

Edgington, Frank                                    Laverstock

Felstone, Frederick                                 Tisbury

Newman, George                                    Westbury

Saillard, Victor                                        Sherborne

Skelt, Sidney

Springford infant                                     Newton Toney

Flower, Charles                                       Woodford

Mead, Arthur                                            Netton

Flint, Leonard                                          Warminster

Cooper, John                                            Yeovil

Weston, Sarah                                          Devizes

Jefferies, Charles                                      Swindon

Thomas, Gilbert                                       Warminster

Ravenscroft, Jessie                                  Devizes

Matthews, Samuel                                   Swindon

Gane, Norman                                         Melksham

Bullock, Kezia                                        Chippenham

Dunn, George

Woodgate, Frederick                              West Harnham

Franklin, Francis                                     Chippenham

Waite, Sarah                                           Trowbridge

Tanner infant                                           Fordingbridge

Emm, Alfred and Jones, John                   Westbury

Colbourne, Hubert                                  Langley Wood

Boulter, Stephen                                     Devizes

Pickford, Albert                                      Frome

Sergent, George                                     Trowbridge

Coombs, Charles                                    Wilton

Cook, George

Penruddocke, George                             Baverstock / London

Dibden, Mark                                          West Wellow

Franklin, Frederick                                  Trowbridge

Grove, Frank                                           Tisbury

Dowdell infant

Holles, Evelyn                                        Trowbridge

Lawrence infant                                      Wilton

Plowman, Frank                                     Barford St Martin

Hopkins infant                                      Warminster

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