This years cases include the le Page case which shows the inherent dangers of the railway sidings, while the Scriven case shows how many railwaymen actually walked up and down the line in going to and from home. The Green case gives a vivid desciption of a navvy’s hut and basic sleeping arrangements. The Broadbere case gives some idea of the reluctance some people had to go ‘cap in hand’ to the relieving officer in order to obtain a medical order for the medical treatment so obviously needed, whilst the Stares case shows how potentially divisive can be the will of a deceased relative.

The Clarke case and Taylor case give us another common cause of death among the elderly, falling down the tight, narrow, slightly worn wooden stairway which many poor houses had. The Butler case reminds us of the obvious advise about not standing under a tree during a thunder storm.

The Davis case gives us somewhat of a mystery, and one wishes one could be a fly on the wall. The main interest is quickly diverted from the ‘horrible’ whelks the deceased had just eaten and not digested, to the other main witness in the case. Mrs Barford apparently has little to do with the death, and yet a crowd of the public harry her every step to the courtroom with boos and hisses. With regard to letting people lodge at their house Mr and Mrs Barford seem to give slightly different evidence. Perhaps it depends what is meant by ‘lodging’? I could not find this couple on the 1901 census at all.

Bush infant

Robertson, William                                     Bemerton

Bedford, Sarah                                           East Harnham

Iylett, John                                                 Figheldean

Davis, Charles

le Page, Alphonse                                      Warminster

Read, Beatrice                                           Wilton

Green, James                                              Amesbury

Street, John                                                Whiteparish

Lane, Emma                                               Swallowcliffe

Preece, George                                          Winterbourne Gunner

Roumaine, Ellen

Broadbere, Rosa

Jeffreys, William                                         Chippenham

Coombs, James                                          Tollard Royal

Clarke, Beatrice                                         Malmesbury

Woodgate, Ann

Bevan, Thomas                                          Trowbridge

Presberg, Joseph                                        Stapleford

Stares, Fanny                                             Romsey

King infant                                                Maiden Bradley

Mitchell, Thomas                                       Swallowcliffe

Hitchcock, Henry                                      Amesbury

Butler, Frederick                                        Netherhampton

Glass, Harold

Holmes, George

Payne, George

Maynard, Mabel                                        Andover

Lucas, Louisa

Smith, Leonard                                         Tisbury

Taylor, Christine

Dibden, William                                      Wilton

Davis, David

Noyce, Mary                                           West Dean

Allford, Thomas                                      Templecombe

Chammen, Miriam

Lowe, Bernard                                        West Tytherley

Sully infant

Saunders, Louisa                                    Laverstock

Godden, Edward                                    Devizes

Reed, Frederick                                      West Harnham

West, John                                              East Knoyle

Payne, unknown                                     Chippenham

Newbery infant

Jones, Bessie

Scriven, William                                     Upton Lovell

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