There are 25 cases for 1879.

Eliza Blake said she had her illegitimate baby on the roadside near Netheravon, and that it was dead – probably true – but then there is the elaborate scheme concocted to conceal the fact of it being her child, showing how far the stigma of illegitimacy could push young women.

Another death at the Town Mill, this time a boy named George White, playing on the plank with his brother.

Alfred Batten, landlord of the Elephant and Castle, hanged himself, and after reading the accounts of it, Thomas Coleman did the same.

Downs, George                                       Monckton

Caillard, Laura                                        Devizes

Ottoway, infant                                      Fisherton

Viney, Mabel

Blake, infant

Self, Thomas                                         Winterbourne

Bannell, Jonah

Vincent, Amy

Burroughs, Harriett

Hatch, John

Hibberd, Sarah                                       Barford St Martin

Grace, Jane                                            Newton Toney

White, George

Cox, Harry                                             Dinton/Salisbury

Batten, Alfred

Deane, Margaret                                     Odiham

Coleman, Thomas

Clarke, Ann

Bacon, infant                                         Great Wishford

Channing, Alice

Perrett, George                                      Winterbourne

Martin, infant                                         Fisherton

Woodlands, William

Sanger, Charles

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