The year opens with two horse and trap accidents of Whatley and Rolfe, and continues with a warning of the perils of drink in the protracted Foan case, while the Appleby and Price cases show deaths in the river not attributable to suicidal tendency.

Within five weeks there are two cases of murder and suicide, Saunders in April and Maidment in May, children being killed and the parent then committing suicide. Is there a possible copycat scenario happening with these? There is some tragedy in the life of William Gage, the resident fireman, as related by his widow he had twice had sunstroke, had suffered electrocution and been injured in the debris of a fire, not to mention what he probably saw in his line of work.

I can – as a cyclist myself – readily identify the hazard of descending Lake Hill, and how the bicycles of a hundred years ago – such as in the Nolan case – were not always a reliable ride. The Hand case shows how parents, when ill themselves, were sometimes incapable of preventing preventable accidents.

The Dale case suggests serious mental trouble, in that a man fully capable of engineering his own death by electrical apparatus, should try to self-bludgeon his own death in what seems a terribly wearing and awful process. Shortly after, the Manns case raises questions over the safety of motor car drivers, the driver being exonerated of all blame – I suspect these days we would blame him for inattention.

The Hooper case raises the point over how bodies are presented to juries before the inquest, Salisbury lacking a public mortuary at this point in time. The Evans case seems to show complete lack of health and safety in how this labourer is pulling down the wall, and the Wilks case seems to indicate it was only the dirt holding life and limb together.


Tuffin, Albert                    Quidhampton

Feltham, Alfred            Andover

Muspratt, Josiah            Ludgershall

Beazley, Kate               Winterbourne Stoke

Whatley, Edward           Milford

Rolfe, Robert                Woodford

Dunford, Ellen              Teffont Magna

Foan, Ina

Harris, James                East Harnham

Toomer, Charlotte

Saunders, Kate             Bournemouth

Wild, infant                  Bulford

Molle, Mr F N               Basingstoke

Maidment, Wilfred        Lockerley

Newman, Robert          East Knoyle

Morris, Percy               Devizes

Gage, William

Hunt, Albert                Basingstoke

Habgood, Walter

Appleby, John                Britford

Price, Ethel, and Price, Elsie    Quidhampton

Sillence, Willie              Tytherley

Mitchell, Ada              Downton

Nolan, Albert              Lake

Hand, Frederick

Vincent, James            Winchester

Heather, George

Pile, John                    West Dean

Dale, Ernest

Manns, Joseph            Amesbury

Gale, Benjamin

Penton, John              Warminster

Berry, Henry               Ludgershall

Samuels, Thomas

Hooper, Margaret

Baverstock, Alfred      Warminster

Bailey, Arthur              Devizes

Ball, Albert                 Tisbury

Adlam, Albert             Durnford/Templecombe

Underwood, Henry    Bulford

Evans, Robert

Lewis, William

Johnson, Mary           Stapleford

Barber, Jane              Tisbury

Beesley, Dora           Standlynch

Wills, Charlotte         Winchester

Hart, Walter              Andover

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