The Elsie Oram, Mabel Richards, Ada Kilford, Annie Coombes and Winifred Rattue cases are a warning that young children cannot be left alone for any amount of time.

Charles Wilkes fell down an 87′ well when the handle of the bucket broke off – an accident.  But in the Mary Britten case, is there a hint that the deceased deliberately went down the well?

Rural poverty is laid bare in the case of Mary Ann Kenchington, the poor victim being only 47 years of age, and the doctor noting, besides the bare floor and draughty room, some pieces of oakum lying about, perhaps a sign of real poverty-work.

One of the years major cases is a murder, that of William Ward, and it is rather frightening to think that they were willing to prosecute a man for murder just because he happened to be nearby at the time, ignoring the obvious possibility that anyone could have been there in the open.

The most controversial case of the year is that of Julia Baker, which showed Dr Kelland in a very poor light, he refusing to attend a dying child in the middle of the night.   The argument in the editorials of the paper continued for several weeks.


Pragnell, Harriett                                    West Tytherley

Oram, Elsie

Wilkes, Charles                                      Netheravon

Bacon, Harriett                                       Donhead St Mary

Hewitt, Sarah                                          Whiteparish

Richards, Mabel                                      East Dean

Kenchington, Mary Ann                           Fordingbridge

Stone, John                                             Bemerton

Norris infant

Quicks, Sidney                                       Templecombe

 Scott, Henry                                           Bishopstone

Ward, William                                        Bulford

Britten, Mary                                           Tisbury

Kilford, Ada

Baker, Fred                                             Bulford

Coombes, Annie                                     Harnham

Franklin, John                                         Whittlesford, Cams

Homan, Henry                                        Bulford

Leach, William                                       Amesbury

Baker, Julia

 Whiteman, Henry                                   Fontmell Magna

Garlick, George

Johnson, Sampson                                  West Harnham

Davidson, William                                  Aldershot

Noyce, Charles                                      Grateley

Canfield, Albert

Ware, Henry

Bennett, Emma                                       Donhead St Mary

Burnett, Arthur                                        Winterbourne Dauntsey

Elliott, Charles

 Marshall, Thomas

Prowles, Moses                                      Bishopdown

Rogers, Bessie                                       Donhead St Mary

Butt, Edward                                          Winterbourne Dauntsey

Diaper, Sam                                           Durnford

Rattue, Winifred                                     Amesbury

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