1895 is an unfortunate year in terms of inquest reporting, as some seem to be reduced to a bare mini-paragraph, with little of the extraneous details of later reporting.  There are still some cases of interest though.

Every crime could have deep repercussions, as witness the case of Daniel Bradley.  I was unable to locate the result of the inquest on George Noyce, and we are left with probably either an accident or a suicide.  There was no such question-mark hanging in the case of Frank Bedford, whose self-inflicted death was most shocking.

Murder most violent was definitely the case with Mark Butler at Potterne, but could enough evidence be brought against the son James?   Two cases – William Nicholas and George Paddick – are the result of lack of care in crossing over a stile.

The Herbert Blandford case again points up the dangers of poorly protected wells, and the case of Nellie Smith raises serious questions about how dangerous liquids are stored in a children’s ward of Salisbury Infirmary.


Fishlock, Kate                                          Trowbridge

Rawlence infant                                       Pewsey

Turner, Henry                                           Fovant

Shiel, John                                               Bradford on Avon

Bradley, Daniel

Andrews infant                                        Ebbesborne Wake

Noble, Emma

Downes, Daniel                                        Frogmore

Clarke, George                                         Bournemouth

Dodge, John                                            Yeovil

 Noyce, George                                        Romsey

Giles, John                                               Damerham

Maidment, Henry                                      Mere

Matthews, Frederick                                 Swindon

Newman infant

Blandford, Herbert                                   Charlton (Tisbury)

Butler, Mark                                             Devizes

Tilley, Arthur                                            Devizes

Collins, James

Target, Sarah

 Smith, Nellie

Freath, Frederick                                     Chippenham

Fisher, Abraham , Sainsbury, Edwin          Trowbridge

Badcock, Edwin                                      Trowbridge

Price, Arthur, Yates, Harry                         Warminster

Chamberlain, George                               Woodford

Bedford, Frank

Cox, George, Hazzard, Harry, Keech, Percy      Lulworth

Nicholas, William                                    Charlton (Downton)

Paddick, George                                     Whiteparish

 Edney, John                                            West Dean

Futcher, William                                      Portsmouth

Cope, John                                              Wilton

Lever, Ezekiel                                         Tisbury

Hinton, William                                       Barford St Martin

Dew, Henry                                             Ansty

Cool, Thomas                                          Barford St Martin

Kelly, Michael

Pearce, Lewis

Beake, Thomas                                        Devizes

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