This years cases include yet another example in the Holloway case of how a simple error can be fatal in railway shunting, while the foreman in the Poore case gives voice at the end to my opinion of most doctoring of the day, “It’s all guesswork.”

The Webb case gives us a story in two halves, the inquest seeming to show a blow of great violence causing death by Manslaughter, the subsequent Assizes trial finding there was great provocation to said blow.

The Hopgood case seems to show a method, intentional or not, as may be the case – of escaping the charge of ‘concealment of birth of a child’, the baby in this case being dead, but burned beyond the doctor’s ability to tell whether it ever had separate life.

1902 cases – List of Cases

Snook, Alice                  Fovant

Lucas, infant

Corbin, John                  Bemerton

Street, infant                  Standlynch

Hibberd, Samuel            East Dean

Miller, Alfred                  Lockerley

Smith, Emily

infant unknown              West Harnham

Coombs, Frederick

Arnold, Jessie                 Quidhampton

Lamb, George                  Bulford

Holloway, George           Eastleigh

King, John                       Wylye

Tutt, George                   Netherhampton

Pragnell, Thomas            West Tytherley

Barnes, William

Rumbold, Samuel

Price, Thomas                 Bulford

Shuttle, David

Fiander, Tom

Brown, George                Chippenham

Poore, Albert

Robinson, Edward           Winterslow

Philips, George               Winchester

Webb, George                 Fisherton/Porton

McCulloch, Frederick      Durrington

Jupe, James                    Monkton Deverill

Shergold, William

Cooke, George                Farley

Sheppard, William

Green, Kate

Hopgood infant              Durrington

Neal, John

Jackson, Edward

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