There are 37 short reports for 1869.

I imagine there is a well-known condition behind the pains suffered by Samuel Saunders, who finally took himself off in the presence of his girlfriend, in a most sad case. Frederick Lenton‘s is also a sad case, involving time in the Asylum, drink, mood swings, and falling from a trade as shoemaker to wearing an election board in the streets and being so weak he could hardly bring a cup to his lips.

Esau Welstead was clearly drunk when he fell in Middlebridge stream in Romsey – one of apparently numerous drownings at that spot – and we hear evidence from a number of fellow topers, though not seemingly from Elizabeth Tiller, who is labelled an “unfortunate” by the Times, and the Coroner refuses to hear her evidence.

Henry Chislett, supposedly bird-scaring, tried to blow up some gunpowder, with predictable results. Also predictable was the result to Charles Harris when a man named Sheppard struck his horse with a stick.

Two most predictable accidents were those to John Sprignell and William Pearce, the former carrying bark down Whaddon Hill when the horses bolted, and the latter – more unbelievably – responsible for not putting a drag on a van carrying a racehorse down Harnham Hill.

A case of infant death, with the remains of the baby being dumped on an innocent ash-heap, caused controversy in New Swindon. Rumour very swiftly arose seeking out the potential mother of the child, and seemed to fix on a young widow, Mrs E Wilhams. Shockingly to us, her father immediately carted her off to the doctor for a personal examination, and he certified that she had not recently been confined. All because of rumour!

Hayter, Charlotte                                    Whaddon

Webb, Elizabeth                                     Boscombe

Jannaway, William                                  Wilton

Montenero, John                                    Bulford

Hayter, Uriah                                         Whiteparish

Eldridge, John                                        Redlynch

Whitlock, Mark                                       Pitton

Saunders, Samuel

Down, Mary                                           South Newton

Miller, William

Vincent, Jane                                         Bodenham

Welstead, Esau                                       Romsey

Sparey, James                                        Chilmark

Saunders, Henry                                     West Grimstead

Salter, James

Weeks, George                                       Redlynch

Chislett, Henry                                       Mere

Truckle, Ann                                          Amesbury

Best, Ann                                              Tisbury

Holloway, William                                 Whiteparish

Vincent, Charles                                    Hindon

Fossett, Mary

Sprignell, John                                       Whaddon

Pearce, William                                      East Harnham

Unknown infant                                     New Swindon

Harris, John                                           Martin

Lenton, Frederick

Broad, Jacob                                         Shrewton

Unknown woman                                  Clarendon

Harris, Charles                                       Winterbourne Earls

Wilkins, William                                    Chute

Newman, James                                     Fisherton

Leversuch, Charles                                Stapleford

Harwood, Thomas                                 West Dean

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