There were 43 short reports in 1868.

Henry Cooper, because he was an itinerant, travelling around as a tinker, could not obtain any recommendation for admission to Salisbury Infirmary, and in walking towards Salisbury, he died on the road.

The day started early for the agricultural labourer in the 1860s, sixty-nine year old Joseph Carter leaving for his harvest work before four in the morning. Fifty year old John Lush also met his death in the harvesting, where he started at half past five in the morning – he was found with his scythe in his hand. Similarly George Wear, aged 60.

There are several clichés in this collection. One is the idea of a person when drowning going down three times. Another, quoted in the cases of William Gardener and John King, is the one stating that the deceased “died without a struggle.” Yet another, which features in a number of these earlier reports, is the verdict of Visitation of God.

Drug taking has always been a misguided enterprise. Note the ‘young man living near Wincanton,’ who advised Thomas Foot that it was safe to take strychnine, perhaps the most painful of poisons then available.

Martin, George                                  Alderbury

Barrow, John                                     Fugglestone St Peter

Burton, Thomas                                 Semley

Pearce, Robert                                  Redlynch

Russen, Tom                                     Romsey

Moody, Ann                                      West Grimstead

Williams, Charles                               Plaitford

Stevens, John

Marshall, Josiah                                 Winterbourne Earls

Finch, Sarah                                      Fisherton

Young, William

Bolton, Richard                                 Fisherton

Trowbridge, Sidney                            Fisherton

Leach, Harriett

Tabor, Henry                                     Quidhampton

Phillips, Annie                                   West Harnham

Lodge, Elizabeth                                Bishopstone

Phillimore, Emma                               Amesbury

Cooper, Henry                                   Dinton

Moxham, William                               Compton Chamberlayne

Carter, Joseph                                    Laverstock

Lush, John                                         Broad Chalke

Beauchamp, Jesse                              Downton

Hull, Jabez                                        West Knoyle

Fuzzy, John                                       Shrewton

Wear, George                                     Trowbridge

Harding, Frank                                   Romsey

Ridout, Robert                                   Coombe Bissett

Bachelor, Thomas                               Figheldean

Lockyer, Ann                                     Whiteparish

Leabourne, Samuel                             Wilton

Raddescombe, William                        Donhead St Mary

Gardener, William                               Bodenham

King, John                                         Fisherton Delamere

Abraham, Henry                                 Quidhampton

Moore, Thomas                                  Wylye

Leach, Elizabeth                                 Amesbury

Burt, Florence                                    Berwick St –

Foot, Thomas

Blake, George

Pilgrim, Henry                                   Landford

Davis Alfred                                      Warminster

Rattue, Fanny                                    West Harnham

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