The large caseload of the first half of 1915 tailed off somewhat, and from July to December 1915 there were 28 cases, making a total for the year of 84, virtually double what I have found for previous years.

Again, the military seem to gather trouble about them. There are two shooting deaths at Perham Down (Storar and Thompson) over the Christmas week. Captain Soames – a be-medalled officer – hid behind a tree and was killed by a bomb 90 yards away, whilst William Shannon was not clearly ordered to lay down when a bomb went off, and so stood up again…

In the Blake suicide case, there are signs of the deceased’s delusions that caused him to take his own life, and the Coroner makes the revealing statement, “In many cases where juries brought in a verdict of ‘Suicide whilst of unsound mind’ they stretched the law in saying it.”

The Scout Motor Company was a Salisbury success story for some years, but in 1915 suffered two tragedies, the suicide of Joseph Dean, and the awful death of Clifford Radcliffe – the Chairman – who fell into the furnace.

Agnes Lewis fell off her bike coming down Wylye Hill, whilst Annie Pearce came a cropper on a muddy patch of road below Winterslow as she tried to pass a traction engine drawing a threshing machine and van – though its worth while considering how long, cumbersome and difficult to view past were these traction engine trains. Similarly, the death of Edward Cotton – who was third-hand on a traction engine – and was thought to have “slipped under the wheel when sanding the road.”

Another typical railway accident occurred in the GWR shunting yard to Wilfred Palmer, when he placed his shunting pole on the ground preparatory to jumping off his moving truck, only for a passing engine to catch the end and send him under the engine’s wheels.

Jennings, Freedom                            Durrington

Soames, Captain                               Fittleton

Blake, Ernest

Unknown man

Jarvis, Mary

Gilbert, Archibald                             Bulford

Dean, Joseph

Dean, Mary                                       Harnham

Lewis, Agnes                                    Fonthill Giffard

Palmer, Wilfred

Spreadbury, Arthur                            Downton

Lewis, Lewis                                    Harnham

Young, Ellen

Duerdon, John                                  Ludgershall

Radcliffe, Clifford

James, David                                   Baverstock

Ford, Charles                                   Maiden Bradley

Shannon, William                             Sutton Veny

Bush, Frances                                  Gomeldon

Henstridge, Frederick

Bowles, Elvina

Beverley, Albert                               Bemerton

Cotton, Edward                               Chilmark

Gay, Lilian

Pearce, Annie                                  Winterslow

Smith, Winifred

Storar, Robert                                  Perham Down

Thompson, John                              Perham Down

Please see Copyright notice on the Home Page



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