There are 33 cases in 1882.

Susannah Berry, an old woman (woman being the lower-class term, as opposed to lady) fell on to a candle and could not get up, dying hideously from burns. Sarah Symes, also an aged lady, drank herself to an early death. Sarah Yarlett threw herself determinedly into shallow water under the influence of drink. William Brittan was yet another victim of moving shafting and belts in a mill.

St Mary’s Home in Salisbury was a female penitentiary, where young females could reform their lives, parting with their illegitimate offspring in the process – the case of Edward Tapper throws a little light on what happened to the children in such cases. The last days of women on the tramp are shown in the Unknown female cases at Amesbury and Collingbourne Ducis.

Elizabeth Penny lived in a small cot at Taylor’s Almshouses in Bedwin Street, subsisting on a pittance and a few pennies she could make for odd jobs – even Sam Sims, a fellow inmate, said she looked ‘picket.’

Berry, Susannah

Luffman, William                              Romsey

Symes, Sarah                                   Gillingham

Tilling, Kate                                    Andover

Carter, John

Brittan, William                                Fisherton

Shergold, Mary                                Quidhampton

Tapper, Edward

Lever, Arthur                                    Tisbury

Whitlock, George

Hooke, Thomas

Wise, William                                    Frome

Barnes, Thomas                                 Wilton

Friend, Thomas                                 Bishopstoke

Cook, unsure                                    Wroughton

Yarlett, Sarah

Wakley, Frank                                   Trowbridge

Unknown female                               Amesbury

Patience, Ambrose

Farris, Henry                                      Homington

Parker, Charlotte

Dance, Frank                                      Warminster

Dangerfield, Frederick                         Swindon

Penny, Elizabeth

Lever, Walter                                       Tisbury

Towzer infant                                      Swindon

Nash infant                                         Swindon

Friederich, Walter

Elmes, William                                     Chippenham

Essex, Annie

Unknown female                                 Collingbourne Ducis

Gillett, Sarah                                       Devizes

Rebbeck, Frederick                              Frome

Palmer, John

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