This years starts with the Head case, a truly awful burning in which it did not seem possible to properly extinguish the flames, so that when the doctor actually arrived he found the victim lying in a smoke filled room in a mess of ash and cinders. Two more awful burnings are the Cox case and the Kelly case, featuring a little boy and some matches.

The Martin case shows the poor quality of the courtyard housing in Salisbury at the time, and the unaccountability of the landlords. The Bowles case seems almost inexplicable – how was it possible for the man not to hear the whistling engine slowly approaching behind him? The Dunford case seems to be suggestive of petrol fumes.

Another interesting railway debate is the Maslen case, the deceased stepping between two shunted vehicles at the wrong moment at Amesbury Station, and sustaining fatal injuries, but there seems to be interesting variations on how vehicles are supposed to be coupled by shunters, and who is responsible for providing coupling poles. The medical man on the scene seemed incapable of doing more than ordering brandy from three miles away.

There is also debate in the Walke case, the cyclist causing the car to swerve, but the car must have been speeding to crash so violently.

The Hayter case seems to show everything needed in a circumstantial sense to demonstrate suicide, but for the hard evidence of it. The deceased even leaves a note saying to smash his furniture rather than leave it to the Board of Guardians. Another object lesson in being careful how you eat is given by the Ando case which occurred in the dining room of the Fisherton House Asylum.

Head, Mary                     Tisbury

Bell, William

Woods, Alfred                 Winchester

Unknown infant

Lane, Dorothy                  Tytherley

Wadham, Eliza

Musselwhite, Herbert       Sherfield English

Grant, Frank                     Winterbourne Stoke

Walke, William                West Wellow

Martin, Maria

Mead, Daniel                   Alderbury

Abraham, Alice

Cox, Percy

Gilbert, Albert                  Fordingbridge

West, Edmund                 Baverstock

Cook, Eliza                     Stratford Toney

Kelly, William                 Tidworth

Read, James                    Wylye

Kent, Henrietta                Harnham/Fisherton

Winterton, Sheliah           Milborne Port

Bowles, Frank                 Tisbury

Walton, Ellen                  Stockton

Gellender, Edward

Maslen, George               Amesbury

Dunford, Hilda                Marlborough

Dewey, John                   Donhead St Andrew

May, Cecil                      Great Durnford/Salisbury

Adlam, Francis

Smith, Albert

Hayter, George

Cox, Henry                     Tisbury

Hopkins, George

Hawkins, George            Devizes

Jenkins, Joseph

Bower, Richard               Sutton Veny

Turner, Mabel

Bridie, William               Tidworth

Bundy, Alfred                 Downton

Biddlecombe, George    Redlynch

Lockyer, Linda               Harnham

Chapman, Christopher     Fovant

Ando, Mary

Barnett, Henry                 Broughton

Payne, John                    Romsey

Adams, John                   Wilton

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