Where I feel it possible I hope, during the next few months, to add links to maps for some of the cases. Of course, it only works where there is enough information, and in one or two cases I shall be able add a link to Google maps for locations that still exist.

I have taken some rather poor photographs of maps of Salisbury c1900, shown below, and I would suggest you refer to Google mapping to find your way about them.

Northern Parts of Castle Street

Southern Parts of Castle Street

Churchfields Road and the LSWR/GWR Railway yards

LSWR and GWR stations

North, West, East and South Streets, Fisherton

Castle Street, Endless Street and Chipper Lane

Endless Street, Rollestone Street, St Edmund’s Church Street,

and Bedwin Street and Salt Lane

Winchester Street, Salt Lane, and Endless Street, Rollestone Street and St Edmund’s Church Street

The Green Croft, Greencroft Street and London Road

Long Bridge

New Street west and part of The Close

New Street, High Street, New Canal and Silver Street, part

New Street east, Catherine Street and St John Street

Catherine Street and New Canal parts

Catherine Street, Brown Street and Milford Street

Catherine Street, Brown Street, Gigant Street, and Ivy and Trinity Streets

Culver Street, Dolphin Street, Barnard Street and Payne’s Hill

Culver Street, Guilder Lane part, and Milford Street part

Milford Hill

Exeter Street and the Friary

The Friary part


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