The Woodward case clearly shows that children always ran about the backs of carts and waggons, in this case picking up mangolds that were falling from poorly loaded carts. The Fox case is tragic but also obvious, given that the father – a railway worker – had his family in a cottage on the station land. The Earle case is a particularly long and detailed inquisition on a vehicular accident.

The Martin case asks why a doctor did not attend the baby, and mangolds appear again in the Champ case, the man cutting his hand in picking them, his lack of treatment leading to tetanus. Lack of immediate treatment also applies in the Saunders case, and tetanus applies again in the Billen case. There may seemingly be danger in hair-lotion applications, as witness the Horn-Elphinstone-Dalrymple case.

Some idea of life without state pension is given in the Thorne case, the 76 year old agricultural labourer who started work at 6.30am by walking four miles to pick turnips in the field all day.

Perhaps the most shocking occurrence of the year – the Snow case – took place at 4.30am on a misty August morning in the middle of Salisbury Plain, when a newspaper delivery car – perhaps racing in competition with others – ploughed without warning through a Battery of 95 Territorial soldiers who were marching back to Camp. There is an understandable degree of tetchiness in the inquest.

John Pearce                                 Fordingbridge

Noyce, Mary                               Charlton All Saints

Bunsell, Catherine

Clark, Alice

Grant, Florence                           Semley

Small, James                               Redlynch

Smith, Frederick                          Wilton

Compton, John

Buckland, Henry

Lampard, Gladys

Farr, Violet                                 Warminster

Cleverley, Henry                         Calne

Lucas, John                                 Tisbury

Burbidge, George                       Andover

Burton, Ernest                             Devizes

Cook, William                            Swindon

West, Ann

Ferrett, Selina

Woodward, Edwin

Baugh, Arthur

Wadman, Henry                         Gillingham

Stokes, Alfred                            Orcheston St George

Richards, Walter

Blackmore, John                         Tidworth

Wynn, John                                    Swindon

Horn-Elphinstone-Dalrymple, Helena     Coombe Bissett/Kensington

Fox, Edgar                                       Porton

Gray, Archibald                          Bulford

Snow, Ernest                               Bulford

Boyce, David                              West Dean

Graham, John                              Southsea

Stone, Charles                             Bulford

Jones, Fanny                               Bradford-on-Avon

Clarkson, John

Loder, Frederick                         Swindon

Leighton, Robert                         Broadchalke

Kilminster, George                      Bournemouth

Walton, John                               Mere

Rogers, Charles                           Lockerley

Yeates, James                              Sutton Mandeville

Earle, Harry                                 Charlton

Unknown baby                            Shrewton

Sainsbury, William

Martin, Winifred

Champ, John                                Woodfalls

Daniels, John                               Woodford

Saunders, James                          Battersea/Wilton

Billen, William

Belbin, Edna                                Dinton

Rawlings, Emma

Smith, Sidney                               Tisbury

Thorne, George                             Winterbourne Gunner

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