There are several baby cases of interest in small ways, including the Bright case in which the mother went to four doctors seeking help before finally getting assistance, and the White case in which the doctor gives brandy to a virtually dying babe, and in the last line of the inquest we are told that the mother has been ill, they were poorly off and the husband had been out of work for months.

Then there is the Kenchington case, in which we get a clear demonstration of the terrible pressures at work on the teenage mother, a domestic servant who knows that she will be sacked if her pregnancy is discovered, and whose employers are deeply suspicious of her condition.

The Mead case tells us why buses always carry a notice about waiting for the vehicle to stop before alighting, while the Bryant case shows a result of over-tiredness.

The Robinson case demonstrates, not for the first time in this collection, how very many different vehicles were trundling along the country lanes, while the Bolwell case gives us a death through a defective hammer – with some interesting mis-understanding along the way ; but did the GWR take any notice of the jury’s statement at the end?

The Wright case tells us that a hundred years ago – before municipal swimming pools – people did walk a mile or two to private land in order to swim in a pond or lake.

There are then three mechanical cases, the Spudy case featuring a drop of 168 feet, the Jarvis case featuring a long term issue with slam-door trains :viz. the locks. And then the Hallett case, featuring poor scaffolding rope and a 20ft drop, reminiscent of that great working class novel The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists.

Hopgood, James                  Ludgershall

Mead, Kate                           Bournemouth/Wilton

Horder, Ella

Brown, Eliza

Reece Heal, Reginald            Porthcurno/Stapleford

Hodgson, James                    Chippenham

Bryant, Kate                           Britford

Bright, infant (Annie)

Haskell, Sydney                   Laverstock

Strong, Harry                        Winterbourne Earls

Goldstein, Leah

Elliott, Elizabeth

Green, Fanny                         Redlynch

White, Reginald

Harper, Eliza

Kenchington, infant               Fordingbridge

Davis, Sidney                        Devizes

Noyce, Albert                        Compton Chamberlayne

Robinson, Harry                    Great Wishford

Gealer, Ewart                         Swindon

Dixon, Albert                         Swindon

Higgins, Olive                       Marlborough

Bolwell, Sidney

Murphy, Daniel                      Bulford

Kerry, Marshall                      Shrewton

Paul, Alfred                           Winchester

Spudy, William                      West Knoyle

Jarvis, Ernest                          Gillingham

Adams, Thomas                     Andover

Jewell, Emmie                        Winchester

Marks, Bertram                       Downton

Unknown                               Ringwood

Lindsey, William                    Bulford

Tribe, Henry                           Portsmouth

Crook, Charles

Unknown                               Warminster

Bailey, William                      Charlton all Saints

Wright, Thomas                      Shaftesbury

Weir, Thomas                         Winterbourne Gunner

Hallett, Robert                        Laverstock

Hinton, William                       Bemerton

Nott, Herbert                          Devizes

Newman, Reginald                Downton

Withers, James                       Andover

Carse, Edward

Herrington, Frederick             Wilton/Wishford

Mills, Sarah                            Mere

Norton, Gertrude

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