This year starts with a tale of longterm ill-health in the Minchington case, and then with the Dafter case a little girl runs headlong into the side of a cart and dies from the impact. The crowd of mourners processing up Devizes Road would be echoed two years later in the funeral procession for little Teddy Haskell.

There are, in the Whitlock case, and the Eyres and Safe cases, several typical burnings, featuring the ubiquitous flannelette, the lack of fireguards and lack of parental attention among the obvious contributors to these awful deaths. The Miles case illustrates the dangers of the Edwardian farmyard, whilst equally, the Morse case demonstrates a hazard of the doctoring trade.

The Elkins case highlights the dangers inherent in not having handrails to domestic stairways, whilst the Thompson case should remind us all to thoroughly chew our food before swallowing, and the Hatcher case to look at the label before drinking.

The Wing case shows us a figure sometimes to be found in a community, a lonesome person who everyone suspects of living poor but being actually rich. The truth in this case hides a man who saw great adventure, and then lived a quiet life, leaving his large estate to a variety of local causes.

The most controversial case – for me – this year, is the McKay case, which raises far more questions than it answers. Should the Policeman really have interfered with this lady in the street? Were they qualified to look after a poorly baby? Matilda Shepherd feeds the baby warm milk, and thereafter the baby ails with diarrhoea? Why was the father not asked to look after the baby when the mother was arrested? Why does the coroner brush aside one or two questions towards the end?

Blake, George                    Chitterne

Minchington, Mary              Romsey

Dafter, Gladys

Whitlock, Doris                  Winterslow

Keel, Mildred                     Bemerton

Phillimore, Thomas

Winter, George                   Britford

Eyres, Lena

Willis, Alfred

Stacey, James                     Romsey

Cock, Alfred

Thornbury, Ernest                Malmesbury

Pearse, Hannah

Miles, Stanley                     Burcombe

Wassall, Henry                   Redlynch

Sanger, George                   Donhead St Mary

Morse, George

Safe, Beatrice

Beckett, Louisa                   Boscombe/Wilton

Allingham, Mrs                    Whiteparish/ London

Clark, Walter

Hatcher, James                    West Dean

Offer, John

Bacon, George                     Ford

Unknown baby                    East Harnham

Battrick, Candace                Eastleigh

Elkins, Frederick

McKay, Ian

Wing, George                       Harnham

White, Florence

Thompson, John                  Salisbury

Scammell, Walter                Dinton

Brown, Martha                     Shaftesbury

Jeffery, Maria                       Winterbourne Earls

Noyce, Mary                       Milford

Neate, Frederick                 Savernake

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