The year starts with an inquest on Elizabeth Worthington, a victim of a major railway accident at Broadstone – it seems that two human errors were fatal.  Human error and inexperience contributed to the death by shooting of Sydney Spicer, a hedgerow being no barrier to gunshot.  It seems inebriation of the wife saw off the husband in the William Stone case.

The Sawyer case shows that, if you are elderly, it did not do to fall down and break a limb in those days.  It also did not do, as William Scott did, to shove ones hands down the mouth of a machine called a Devil.  The Criswick Child case is reminiscent of that great novel ‘The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists,’ but how very dangerous is a 40ft ladder stood loose.  Ditto the Albert Simmonds case.

Sir Edmund Antrobus was extremely keen for readers to be aware that his son Robert did not commit suicide – he was also very closely involved at the inquest.  I also cannot resist being cynical over the Elizabeth Lewis case, in which the patient newly arrived at the Fisherton House Asylum dies with eleven broken ribs.

The Rambridge and Hardiman cases cast light on the poor housing and hovels that existed behind the genteel street frontages of Victorian Salisbury.

Worthington, Elizabeth                  Broadstone

Saunders, Edward                         Bradford on Avon

Sawyer, Robert                              Portsea

Barrett, Rose                                 Trowbridge

Scott, William

Heath, Sidney; Chamberlain, Annie    Newbury

Dening, John

Field, Ada                                   Chippenham

Pearce, James                               Sway

Spicer, Sydney                             Donhead St Andrew

Antrobus, Robert                          Amesbury

Rambridge, Sarah

Hardiman infant

Neale, Alice                                 Melbury Bubb

Fry, Florence                                Poole

Redman, William

Fowler, John

Stone infant

Wright, Herbert                            East Knoyle

Hicks, Thomas                             Gillingham

Lewis, Elizabeth

Child, Criswick                            Andover

Hammon, George                         Andover

Stone, William                             Zeals

Cannons, Edith                            East Tytherley

Chalk, George                             Woodford

Prince, Henry                               Wilton

Cotterell, Henry

Rowden, Ellen

Kerly, Mabel ; Kerly, Lily              Martin

Simmonds, Albert                        Porton

Morris, Joseph                             Dinton

Eyres, Annie                                Heytesbury

Giddings, Alfred                         Wilton

Pitman, John

Maton, Charles

Crook, James                               Nunton

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