There were 21 cases reported in 1875.

John Shiner is again a typical railway case, as he must have known a train was imminent, but did not even hear the whistling as death closed in.

The death of Martha Rodwell, a tenant of Hussey’s Almshouses in Castle Street – but who, during rebuilding, was housed in a poor quality house in Old-Gate Place – was attributable to the nurse leaving a lamp on a sloping ledge immediately above the 86 year old. It seems likely to me that the lamp fell on the poor old lady.

Charles Wheeler was another example of self-neglect, having the ability to have sought help for himself, but choosing to live his last week in abject poverty and uncleanliness, being found with just a piece of mildewed bread and a picked mutton-bone. There is a contentious letter in the following issue of the Salisbury Times in response to the Mayor’s description of the house as “everything that could be wished for.”

Whitmore, Elizabeth                     Fisherton

Lawrence, Edward

Pugh, Caroline                             Fisherton

Shiner, John

Rodwell, Martha

Unknown infant                           East Harnham

Burbadge, Henry                          Wilton

Pickford, Elizabeth                       Fisherton

Dewey, Henry

Lugg, George

Stockham, Jeremiah

Hobbs, Charles                             Laverstock

Dunn, William

Brown, Henry

Small, Elizabeth

Wheeler, Charles

Dewitt, Richard

Macey, James                                Stapleford

Whitlock, Jesse                              Pitton

Gellett, Jane

Parsons, Elijah                               Farley

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