I here present selections by case-type. There are obvious exclusions from these lists, including the many cases of horse, bicycle, and car accidents, stairway accidents, fireplace burnings, and suicides, of which there are examples in every year.

The case-types I have listed here include the following,

Aviation Accidents

Fires and other Burnings

Illegitimacy and Pregnancy

India, served in



Poor Housing and Poverty, including other Workhouse cases.

Railways – Locomotive Accidents

Railways – Salisbury Railway Station and environs

Railways – Accidents elsewhere

Salisbury Asylum (Fisherton House) and other cases

Salisbury Union Workhouse

There are no doubt many other cases I could add to each list, but let this act as a starter, and I would encourage you to search through the site for yourself.


I also include here a number of news items I happened to transcribe out of my own interest, including some odd but amazing pieces, and – as my dodgy great-grandfather was a railway engine driver – a series of reports of accidents on the line and off.

 Railway Accidents and Occurrences

Strange and Extra-ordinary Reports


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