A “Health & Safety” lapse in the Downer case opens this year, followed soon by the Quinton case, which raises the issue of excessive drinking and no food, or perhaps the results of working in the gunpowder mills. Late in the year is the Warren case, showing how we are perhaps right to be worried by fairground rides.

This years cases include two results of loneliness, one the Love case and the other the Dawton homelessness case, whilst in the case of Jane Hobbs one gets the impression the Asylum patients were perhaps too cold. There is a clear demonstration of what happens when a cyclist is towed by another vehicle in the Sheppard case. An unclear death is the Reynish case in which a young domestic servant between positions found her way into the water; but why?

November brings two similar cases concerning food, the White case questioning the food eaten, and the Fry case questioning the parents methods of feeding. The Cave case raises the curtain ever so slightly on the moralising influence of do-gooder worthy citizens. Did Miss Naish really welcome Mrs Cave to take the pledge, and cross-examine her past in the way described? We will never know, and the jury and coroner were certainly keen to deny the possibility.

Finally, there is an amazing military blunder in the Henry Lewis case, two brigades of mounted cavalry mistakenly charging into each other before they can stop themselves.

Metcalf, Eta                    Amesbury

Downer, Henry               Fordingbridge

Quinton, William            Nomansland

Clapham, William           Swindon

Pearce, Eliza                  Newton Toney

Hobbs, Jane

Sheppard, Frederick       Netheravon

Brobant, Sister Anna        Warminster

Mitchell, John

Jacobs, Thomas

Rowden, Christopher       Milford

Gale, John                       Charlton

Wyles, Percy                    Gillingham

Waite, William                 Wylye

Treble, Edward                Ford

Reynish, Mary Ann           West Harnham

Pouillieu, Mr C H              Amesbury

Llewellyn, Mrs                  Wimborne

Long, Henry                     Axminster

Rhymes, Charles               Tidworth

Meatyard, Agnes               Bishopstone

King, Octavia

Love, Alfred                      East Knoyle

Hutchins, Eunice                East Dean

Sandell, William                Amesbury

Vaughan, Thomas              Bulford

Hall, Albert                        Wimborne

Everard, Samuel                 Chippenham

Lewis, Henry                      Hungerford

Burt, Florence                     Amesbury

Wade, John                         Netheravon

Unknown infant                   Wilton

Andrews, Frederick

Durrant, James                    East Knoyle

Warren, Sidney                   Figheldean

White, Nellie

Fry, Tyndale

Cave, Sarah                        Wilton

Clarke, Emma

Elliott, Alice                       Fordingbridge

Dawton, Selina

Rowles, Bertie

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