There are 63 cases during 1916, as the full scale and terror of the Great War – although its true depths remained somewhat veiled to the populace – were wreaking havoc, and, on a more local level, there were a series of tribunals held so that individuals could stake their claim not to be conscripted into the armed services. Firms and companies sought to defend their workers from conscription, and individuals (not named in the Salisbury Times) made their pleas, including one who claimed that he cared for his elderly parents who would have to enter the workhouse if he went to war. Tough times indeed.

In September the Salisbury Times reported on a ‘Recruiting Raid’ carried out in Salisbury over several days, military police and county police visiting theatres and market places to stop men and demand their exemption papers if they had them, and find those “eligible men who had not registered for service, or those who had registered but evaded their commitment.”

The pressure was thus being cranked up, and consequently we find a number of inquests for suicides of soldiers, including Herbert Taylor who had just tried to kill his girlfriend, and Arthur Norman and Richard Brooking, both of whom determinedly threw themselves in front of trains. The Camps most featured are Larkhill and Fovant (including that at Hurdcott House).

Larkhill had perhaps the largest range of camps, which were the focus of charitable efforts by various bodies, including the YMCA, who ran the “British Columbia Hut,” a social centre for primarily Canadians. However, it was made of matchboard and felt, and, once lit, went up like a bomb, killing William Sales and Eliza Lee, two of the helpers there, who – despite flames swirling at the door and windows – still attempted to dress like the good Edwardians they were.

Second-Lieutenant William Roads died through sheer stupidity, shooting at a rat, and then – holding the barrels – trying to hit the rodent with the butt, while Leonard Smith and his young mates shouldn’t have even had guns. Charles Sargentson sustained a bayonet wound in play, but that killing Thomas O’Connell seemed real enough.

The frailty of the Air-forces at our disposal were exposed in the deaths of Charles White, Ernest le Sauvage and John Woodland, Enos West and William Burlinson, Francis Lamb, Launcelot Prickett (whose aircraft exploded on the ground), and Lieutenant Chamberlin, whose wing fell off when he cornered tightly.

There are of course a number of the regular car and horse and cart accidents, drownings and burnings. Among the larger cases this year are two involving Assizes trials, that of John Mann (deceased) taking Edward Heather to court for manslaughter, and the Warminster Railway Crash that took Albert Hudson, resulting in a similar charge against Driver Stretch.

Fulford, Richard                                        Ludgershall

Daniels, William                                        Amesbury

Sales, W, and Lee, Eliza                             Larkhill

Dixon, Charles

Hacker, Mary                                             Fonthill Gifford

Elliott, Alice

Davey, Thomas                                          Amesbury

Grace, Douglas                                          Amesbury

Battye, Cyril                                               Netheravon

Judd, Cecil                                                Pitton

Ashfield, Richard

Shergold, William                                      Stoford

Farrar, George                                            Larkhill

Long, Thomas                                            Tilshead

Unknown Infant

Lee, Samuel                                               Larkhill

Drake, Alfred

Lawes, Harriett                                          Coombe Bissett

Mann, John                                                 Larkhill

White, Charles                                           Netheravon

Taplin, Clarissa

Roads, William                                          Swallowcliffe

Jordan, Arthur                                             Bulford

Shearing, Lucy                                           Morgan’s Vale

Le Sauvage, Ernest and Woodland, John     Upavon

West, Enos, and Burlinson, William             Netheravon

O’Laughlin, Hetty                                       Amesbury

Morris, Daniel                                             Rollestone

Chamberlin, Lieutenant                               Netheravon

Prickett, Launcelot                                      Netheravon

Tidy, John                                                   Larkhill

Cole, Jane

Searle, Arthur                                              Burcombe

White, Walter                                              Newton Toney / Bramshott

Winter, Florence                                         Fisherton

Proctor, William                                          Fovant

Penfound, Catherine

Webb, Frederick                                         Whiteparish

Lawes, Walter                                             Charlton-All-Saints

Unknown Man                                             Wylye

Dolman, William                                          West Knoyle

Hardy, Cyril                                                 Fovant

Norman, Arthur                                             Fovant / Baverstock

Roper, John                                                  Bowerchalke

Smith, Leonard

Patton, Walter                                               Fovant

Cullimore, Rachel                                         Boscombe

Lamb, Francis                                               Milston/Netheravon

Hudson, Albert                                             Warminster

Brooking, Richard                                         Porton

Cockwell, Edgar                                           Dunbridge

Taylor, Herbert

Lewis, Edward                                              Fonthill Gifford

Anderson, Thomas                                        Fovant/Dinton

Miles, Frederick

Cossons, Gladys

Sargentson, Charles                                      Larkhill

Rawson, Douglas                                         Amesbury

Brice, Frank                                                  Berwick St James

Baker, Jim

O’Connell, Thomas                                        Rollestone

Gilbert, William                                             Fovant

Howell, Dorothy                                            Donhead St Andrew

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