Railways – Salisbury Stations and environs

Accidents in and about the platforms and yards at the LSWR and GWR stations at Salisbury, and the Goods Yard at Milford. I exclude the many suicide and trespass cases.

1875            Shiner, John

1875            Dewitt, Richard

1876            Percy, William

1883            Clayton, John

1884            Coglan, Charles

1884            Privett, William

1887            Hill, William

1888            Snook, Reuben

1890            Chatfield, William

1891            Fowler, John

1892            Rowe, Charles

1898            Butt, Edward

1899            Curtis, Nathaniel

1900            Wicketts, William

1900            Fry, Aquilla

1901            Davis, Charles

1902            Jackson, Edward

1903            Samuels, Thomas

1904            Mitchell, Alfred

1905            Lawrence, John

1907            Rowles, Bertie

1908            Bolwell, Sidney

1912            Holton, Frederick

1913            Pearce, Herbert

1914            Resnick, Samuel

1915            Futcher, Percy

1915            Palmer, Wilfred


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