1913 09 05

1913 September 5th       Accident at the Station

Salisbury Shunter has Both Feet Cut Off.

A sad and painful accident occurred at the South Western Railway Station on Wednesday morning, as a result of which a carriage shunter, named John Aplin, of Fair View Terrace, lost both his feet.

The unfortunate man was on duty in the west carriage sidings at about 7.30, giving a signal to a shunting engine. Apparently thinking that the driver could not see him, he stepped backward into the 4ft way without noticing another engine approaching. Immediately he saw the engine nearing him he attempted to jump over the metals into the 6ft way, but caught his feet in the rails and fell, and the wheels of the engine passed over him, cutting off both feet. He then turned round and sat up, calling for help. Several men at once rushed to his assistance, and “first aid” was efficiently rendered by a porter and acting brakesman named Drake.

The ambulance was then procured, and Aplin was conveyed to the Infirmary, accompanied by Drake, and an operation was then performed, both legs having to be amputated.

Aplin had served in the Army, but for the past nine of ten years had been on the railway, where he was much respected by the whole of the staff, being a genial, good natured fellow, always ready to do anybody a good turn. He is a married man with three children, for whom much sympathy is felt.

A pathetic incident in connection with the sad affair was that the injured man’s aged father was on duty nearby at the time of the accident, and was among those who went to the spot on learning of it.

A message from the Infirmary this (Friday) morning informs us that Aplin is going on as well as can be expected.


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