1910 08 19

1910 August 19th             Salisbury

Unusual Accident to a Frenchman

An accident of an unusual character occurred on the L & SWR line near Salisbury on Friday evening, a Frenchman falling from the Cardiff express, but fortunately escaping serious injury.

Eugene Maquer, a French seaman, was in the company of twelve other French seaman, proceeding from Cardiff to Southampton, on route for St Malo. They occupied two compartments, and it is stated that whilst the train was waiting at Salisbury Station, which it left at 7.30pm, Maquer clambered through the carriage window, the door being locked, and purchased a quantity of drink. Maquer handed the drink to his companions at Salisbury Station and himself entered the other compartment, but after the train had resumed its journey he got upon the foot-board with the object of joining his companions in a drink. He was seen upon the foot-board by a pedestrian at the end of Wain-A-Long Road. He fell into the six foot way, from which he was removed by Mr Silverthorne, who gave information of the occurrence.

The railway authorities caused the 7.7 train from Eastleigh to be stopped at the spot, and the man was taken in the train to Salisbury Station, where the station staff rendered first aid, and subsequently took him to the Infirmary on a stretcher. The seaman insisted that no harm had been done, and on an examination at the Infirmary this was found to be correct, the only injuries being scratches on the nose and forehead, and a bruise or two on the face. Maquet was not detained at the Infirmary, but was discharged about half-past nine the same evening, and with his face bandaged walked to the railway station, continuing his interrupted journey to Southampton by the 10.07 train.



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