1910 06 24 Andover

1910 June 24th      Andover – Shocking Fatality

A sad accident took place at the Andover Junction Railway Station on Monday afternoon at about quarter-to-five. As the 3.30 express from Waterloo, which runs to Salisbury without a stop, was rushing through the junction at about 60 miles an hour a man was seen to walk right in front of the approaching train, and he was caught by the buffer plank and knocked about five yards, being literally cut to pieces. He proved to be man named Bott, who has been employed for a considerable time by the London and South Western Railway Company, and occupied the important post of foreman of the locomotive department at Andover Junction. He was leaving the locomotive sheds to go to the mainline platform. There was a long line of trucks on the side line, and a train just starting from the up platform. The trucks obstructed the view, and owing to the noise of the train just starting it is thought deceased did not hear the express, which was just on him as stepped across the down line. He leaves a wife and six children.


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