1909 11 05

1909 November 5th          Codford

Man Falls From A Moving Train

A serious accident happened last week to Mr Isaac James, who had been employed by Mr W G Edwards to look after his property at Codford. It appears that at midday Mr James visited Warminster, and returned by the 5.40pm train, which reaches Codford at 5.53 pm. He had evidently fallen asleep in the carriage and was suddenly awakened at the Codford station by hearing his name called, and according to his own account jumped up to get out of the train without being aware that it was moving, and fell with his leg under a wheel.

Unless he was dragged for some distance this does not conclude with other accounts. It is stated that a porter at the Codford Station saw him asleep in the carriage just as the train was moving out of the station. Someone appears to have shouted and woke him up. What happened next is not quite clear, but further down the line as the train passed the Sherington crossing the man in charge there stated to have seen someone standing at one of the carriage doors and just afterwards heard a door slam and cries and groans. He went along the line and found James lying on the metals with one of his legs almost severed. Assistance was obtained, and the unfortunate man was taken to the Codford station where his injuries were temporarily attended to by Dr Ward.

It was decided to stop the 6.52pm express train from Salisbury to Cardiff, and get the man conveyed in it to Warminster. This was done, and on arrival at the Warminster Cottage Hospital, Dr E L Wilcox and his son, who had the assistance of the Hospital staff, found that the man’s leg had been practically crushed off. An amputation had to be performed just above the knee. Mr James also had a deep scalp wound, and was somewhat injured about the chest and suffering from shock. He passed a bad night but rallied in the morning.


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