1907 10 11

1907 October 11th        Salisbury – Bemerton

London Express in Danger

A serious state of affairs was created on Skew Bridge yesterday (Thursday) morning by a frightened horse. An agricultural waggon loaded with heavy posts was being drawn over the bridge by a spirited steed, which taking fright at an umbrella which was blown from the waggon, dashed into the wall on the Wilton side and loosened a number of coping stones. The 9.31 London express was due at the time, and as the weighty stones were on the verge of toppling over, and were overhanging the up-line, some alarm was caused.

Messengers were sent at once to meet the express and to check it, whilst a party of sturdy fellows, who were engaged on the work of repairing the bridge further down, lent their combined strength in temporarily keeping the wall in place. Happily they were successful, and when the train had passed the stones were allowed to fall and were quickly cleared away from the metals. The horse, which belongs to a Redlynch man, sustained a nasty cut on the nose. It might be added that Skew Bridge will be closed from 12 o’clock on Saturday night until 6 am on Monday morning for repairs, but this is not due to Thursdays mishap.


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