1902 09 19

1902 September 19th         Sensation at Salisbury Station

A Man Found Shot In A Train

On Tuesday a sensation was caused among the passengers and railway officials at the Salisbury L & SWR Station, when it became known that a man had been found in a compartment of the London train, shot with a revolver. In order to gain a few particulars regarding the occurrence, a Times reporter had a chat with Inspector Richards who was on duty at the time of the arrival of the train, and who, in his usual pleasant and genial manner, furnished our representative with all the details of the affair.

What train was it? Was the first question. It was the 5.50 out of London, due here at 7.47. A portion of that train is taken off at Salisbury, and in order to avoid leaving anyone behind in the part of the train which goes forward (this being the down express), we examine the train. Young Mr Alvis in coming to a first class compartment, found a gentleman lying on the seat, on his side, and grasping the leather strap at the side with one hand. Alvis asked the gentleman if he was feeling unwell, but received no answer. The gentleman pulled aside his coat and the lad immediately saw that he was bleeding, and called the constable.

Did the man speak? When the constable came to the compartment, the occupant made a statement as to finding a pistol under the seat, and on making a search a five-chambered revolver was found which the policeman took charge of. When Dr Wilkes came he ordered that the man should be carried into the waiting room, and Signalman Tyrell and I carried him in. By this time there was a crowd of people around the carriage, but we had the blinds drawn.

What happened in the waiting room? Dr Wilkes examined him, and afterwards directed that he should be taken on a stretcher to the Infirmary.

Did the man say anything more? No, but when the doctor asked him where the pain was, he pointed to his side. He was as white as a sheet and the perspiration was standing out on his forehead. He was evidently in great pain.

Does this train stop between Waterloo and Salisbury? Oh Yes, it stops at Woking, Basingstoke, and Andover junction.

Then this must have happened between Andover and Salisbury? I should say so, though not necessarily, because the train does not stop very long at that station. The man was a smart looking fellow of perhaps 25 to 30 years of age.


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