1898 09 30 Salisbury

1898 Sep 30th               Serious Railway Accident in Salisbury

Excursion Party Run into – Several Ladies Injured

An accident of a somewhat serious character occurred at the L & SWR Station, Salisbury, on Friday evening. A party of the members of the Teign Naturalists Field Club, numbering just over 30, made an excursion to Salisbury on Thursday. They were brought through from South Devon in a special coach belonging to the G W R Company. On their return, for they stopped a night at Salisbury, they wished to have their carriage attached to the fast train from Salisbury to Exeter and be dropped at Sherborne for a while but the fast train did not stop at Sherborne, so the carriage in which they were seated was left opposite the Booking Office at Salisbury on the down platform.

Attached to the coach was a trolley with a carriage on it. Most of the excursion party had taken their seats when an engine, which had been detached from one of the up trains, was by mistake allowed to pass along the line towards the turntable at the Bemerton end of the platform. This caused the collision. Warning was given the driver of the engine from the platform too late, and though he tried all he could to stop the engine he could not do so sufficiently to avoid the collision. The engine which was of the heavy express type, crushed into the carriage trolley which was between it and the coach. The force of the collision sent both trolley and coach to the far end of the station, smashed many of the windows, and hurled the passengers from one side of the carriage to the other. Help was soon on the spot, and when the carriage doors were opened it was found that some six or seven passengers were seriously affected by the shock. The following seemed to be the most severely shaken.

Mrs F A Taylor, of Ingleside, Hanwell, London.

Miss Paige, of Paignton.

Miss Anderson, of Paignton.

Dr Piggott, of Paignton.

Miss A Kingswell, of Brent.

Dr Karkeek, of Torquay.

They were in a semi-conscious condition, and were disposed as comfortably as possible on seats which were brought from another part of the station and covered with cushions.

Others who were less seriously injured were:

Dr Wake, the organist of the part, of Torquay.

Dr Brushfield, of Budleigh Salterton.

Mrs Leater, wife of Major C B Leater, also of Budleigh Salterton.

Miss Lee, of Budleigh Salterton.

Mr and Mrs Windeatt.

As there were several medical men in the party help was soon rendered to the suffering. Dr Piggott himself soon recovered and rendered valuable assistance. The station-master, Mr Knight, did all in his power to assist. He organised a special train which conveyed the party to its destination with the exception of Mrs Taylor, who appeared very severely shaken. She was taken to the White Hart Hotel. Miss Paige, who was undoubtedly the most severely injured of the party, was suffering from a blow on the forehead, but, lying on a stretcher, she accompanied the party in the special. The special train left the station at about 4.15pm. Neither the trolley, with which the engine actually collided, nor the coach beyond were much damaged, the only damage to the coach being the breaking of the windows. It is difficult to understand how the engine was allowed to pass along the line, but apparently the signalman was under the impression that the line was clear.


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