1895 05 31 Basingstoke

1895 May 31st         Railway Collision of the L & SWR

A Signalman’s Error

A collision occurred on the London and South Western Railway shortly after nine o’clock on Thursday night, but fortunately it was not attended with any serious consequences. The engine of the 7.25 down passenger train from Waterloo came to a standstill between the village of Basing and Basingstoke owing to the tube of the boiler having got out of order. Through an error of a signalman in giving the line “clear” the 8.5 passenger train, also from Waterloo, was allowed to pass Basingstoke station and rush into the standing train. Seeing lights on the line, however, and surmising something was wrong the driver at once reversed the engine and put on the brake and thus slackened the speed a good deal. This did not prevent a collision for the train dashed into two empty horse boxes and a truck which were completely smashed. Much consternation prevailed amongst the passengers in both trains, many of whom were violently shaken, but happily no-one was seriously hurt. The passengers, many of whom belonged to Southampton, were transferred to another train and taken to Basingstoke. The line was soon cleared and there was very little interruption on the traffic. The guard of the standing train was a Salisbury man.


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