1894 05 04

1894 May 4th        Years Railway Accidents

1091 persons killed and 8796 injured

The Board of Trade, on Wednesday, issued a return of the accidents and casualties reported to the Board by the various railway companies as having occurred on, or in connection with, the railways of the United Kingdom during 1893. It appears that 1091 persons were killed and 4109 injured on railways during the year, and the numbers show a decrease of 119 and 376 respectively as compared with 1892. Of those killed 106 were passengers, but only 17 of these were the victims of accidents of trains, rolling stock, or permanent way, the remainder having succumbed to accidents from other causes. Of the victims 460 were railway servants, and of these only 10 suffered from mishaps to train or permanent way. No fewer than 55 persons, apart from passengers or servants, were killed at level crossings, and the trespassers and suicides who perished on the railways numbered 360.

Other fatal accidents on the railways, but not classified, number 30. Of passengers injured in various ways there were 1221 during the year, but of companies or contractors servants there were no fewer than 2631. The complement of the list of injured is made up of persons passing over level crossings, trespassers and would-be suicides. The list of fatal and other accidents as summarised above, however, is by no means complete, for in addition 80 persons were killed and 4687 injured upon the premises of the various companies, though not in connection with the movement of vehicles on the railways. These accidents were of great variety, and included kicks from horses, falls of bales or packages of goods, falls from scaffolding, crane or capstan mishaps, etc. Thus the total number of personal accidents reported during the year amounted to 1091 persons killed and 8796 injured.


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