1892 08 05

1892 August 5th Smash on the LSWR

A collision of a rather curious nature took place on the L & SWR on Saturday night. It appears that the 6.15 goods from Exeter to London, after leaving Wilton about 11 o’clock became divided by, it is supposed, either the pin or a coupling getting loose and falling out, or else breaking off. The front portion of the train came on towards Salisbury and as this place was neared naturally the driver began to slow up. The speed of the other part of the train, however, was accelerated by the decline just before reaching Askew Bridge, and there being nothing to stop it the carriages came on at a fairly high speed and near the level crossing outside the station the collision occurred. The entire train consisted of about 30 trucks and four of these were totally wrecked, nine were thrown off the road and the remainder were damaged in various ways. The scene presented was a remarkable one. Bags of lime broken, milk cans twisted and bent, and the milk wasting, and besides this there was a quantity of wool and other general goods, which had been dispatched for the London market. A break-down gang was immediately sent from the station, but it was mid-day on Sunday before the road was clear, and it was not till sometime on Monday before the wreckage was removed. We understand that the guard complained of a shock, so that he went off to his home in Exeter.


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