1911 01 20

1911 January 20th    Miracle at Frome

Sight Recovered After Twenty-Five Years

William Stone, a carpenter, after twenty-five years of total blindness, has recovered the sight of one of his eyes in a remarkable manner.

Nearly 30 years ago, as the result of an accident, the sight of his left eye was destroyed, and a few years later, in spite of treatment at Bristol, Bath, and the London Ophthalmic Hospital, his right eye failed.

On Saturday, while washing his face, his finger came into rather rough contact with the eye, and at that instant Stone was able to see his hand. He was also able to distinguish various objects in the room before he collapsed, overcome by the shock of his sudden restoration to the light.

He still has some difficulty in recognising persons, but he able to read the advertisements on a hoarding on the other side of the street, and has seen a motor-car for the first time.

I was able to look my wife in the face again,” he said, “I have never ceased to trust in God, and my faith has been rewarded. Henceforth my life will be one long thanksgiving.”


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