1910 04 29

1910 April 29th     Wellow – Schoolboys Tragic Death

The death of Frederick William Holloway, a twelve year old schoolboy, residing at Tutt’s Bridge Cottage, occurred under tragic circumstances on Saturday. He was playing in the garden about half-past one, but when half an hour later, his mother called him to dinner she received no answer, and, thinking he was hiding somewhere, she went to find him. To her great horror she found him hanging in an outhouse, with a box close by. Assistance was obtained, and the boy was cut down. Dr Bartlett, of Romsey, was called but could only pronounce life extinct. Deceased had been talking of Mr Spall, his late schoolmaster who hanged himself a week ago, and it is thought he was playing at hanging, when he lost his footing on the box and was unable to regain it. Mr Spall, who for some years had been master at Melchet School, was as we reported last week under notice to leave, and he had packing up prior to removal. Later in the day he was found hanging in the coach-house.


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