1909 06 11

1909 June 11th       Runaways in Sarum

Yeomanry Horses Stampede on the Plain and Bolt Through the City

A good deal of excitement was caused in Salisbury on Saturday evening by a group of runaway horses which, frightened by a flash of lightning whilst piqueted at West Down Camp, near Shrewton, and breaking away, had galloped into the city. Fortunately no one was injured.

It seems that some thirty steeds, which belonged to the Lancashire Yeomanry, had been piqueted for the night, and during the heavy storm broke away and were gone before the yeomen were aware of what had happened. Eight of them came to Salisbury, and happily the torrential rain had driven shoppers and others, who would otherwise have been in the streets, to places of shelter. The horses came down the Devizes Road at a mad rate, and one of them was stopped near Ashley Road, but the rest clattered down Fisherton Street, through Silver Street to the Butcher Row, which under normal circumstances would have been crowded with people on a Saturday evening. At the bottom they swung round into Queen Street, up Endless Street, across the Belle Vue estate, up Wyndham Road and Campbell Road, and out on to the breezy heights of Bishopdown.

The city police and others followed in pursuit, but they failed to come across the runaways, which seem to have wandered about, and to have reached Amesbury by the morning. Here, while the horses were descending the hill by the Amesbury Workhouse, Inspector Cowdrey of the Wiltshire constabulary, succeeded in capturing them, and they were subsequently taken back to West Down.

Several of the horses were so badly done up by their gallop that they had to be shot.


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