1907 10 11

1907 October 11th       New Industry for Sarum

A Fresh Work Centre on the Devizes Road

The inhabitants of Salisbury will be gratified to learn that the old city continues to thrive, in spite of the gloomy statements of various political traducers. Recently more than one important development has taken place, and now there is another!

Messrs Billett and Musselwhite, the builders, are working as hard as they can with a large staff of men to complete a handsome and commodious new building on the estate they are developing on the Devizes Road.

They are acting on instructions from a syndicate called, “The Hygiene Milk Company,” and the building is for receiving and treating milk in large quantities, and on up-to-date principles.

The Company’s agents have been canvassing the neighbourhood for a considerable time, and have entered into contracts with various farmers to supply them with large quantities of milk, direct from the cow. Whatever other processes it may need before distribution to customers will be undertaken on the new premises (which are designed to allow of the greatest cleanliness) by a staff attired in special uniforms, and provided with ample facilities for bathing and personal neatness, indeed it is that said that both before and after work retirement to the lavatories and dressing room will be insisted on.

The building now in course of erection is situated on a plot possessing 100 feet frontage to Russell Street, but the place itself is 72 feet wide by 75 feet deep. It is practically under one spacious roof, and is amply illuminated and provided with sanitary arrangements of the latest type.

It will contain testing rooms, sterilising rooms, cold stores, cooling rooms, churn washing room, offices, and so on, power to keep the whole machinery going being supplied by a huge boiler.

Outside the building will present a neat appearance. At the base is a plinth of blue brick four feet high, above this runs seven feet of buff bricks to a string course in red surmounted by a parapet in buff.

At the rear, and isolated from the main building will be the feature of the establishment, the big places in which the staff will perform their ablutions, duplicated so that on one side will be accommodation for the female workers, and on the other that for the men.

It is estimated that 30 or 40 families will be employed when the work gets into full swing. Messrs Billett and Musselwhite are under contract to finish the building in six weeks so that the new industry will soon be able to start.


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