1905 11 03

1905 November 3rd       Social Work among the Navvies

It will surprise Sarumites to learn that between 200 and 300 navvies are at work in the streets improving the local sewers, and that shortly the number will be increased to about 400, and good fellows most of these sturdy chaps are. A Times man has been assured that at one particular point where a gang of them have been at work for a fortnight, that a tradesman, who had ample opportunities for observing, declared that he had not heard the men make use of objectionable language during the whole time. To bring variety into their life, a movement has been engineered which has resulted in the services of a “Navvy Missioner” being engaged, and the old Masonic Hall in the Canal, fitted up for the reception of the men. This will be open, warm and bright, every day and all day, so that if they choose the men can pop in and eat their meals there. A variety of amusements will be provided, and books and papers available, while on Sunday short services will be conducted. Messrs Wort and Way, the contractors, have undertaken to provide the necessary furniture. Amongst those at the back of this good movement, in addition to the contractors, are the Bishop, the Mayor, and Messrs W M Hammick and C Haskins, while the Rev W H M Clarke has been appointed secretary. He, and other members of the committee, which includes those named, will be glad to receive offers of help to make the movement a success.


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