1905 10 20

1905 October 20th        Netheravon – Bad to Worse

Could anything be more absurd than the management of Army affairs at the War Office? asks the military critic in The World. Reference was made lately to the inconvenience suffered by all associated with the Cavalry School on Salisbury Plain by its removal from Netheravon House to Bulford for the winter. The arrangement is silly enough in itself, but it is rendered even more ridiculous by the fact that, in order to make room for one school, another has to be sent from Salisbury Plain altogether. The Signalling Establishment is transferred from Bulford to Portsdown Hills until such time as Netheravon House may be ready again for Colonel Lindley and his staff. When the new system came into operation, the Army, it was said, was to be run on business-like lines. Those who thought they saw merit in new “methods” must have by this time had their confidence seriously shaken. Not in one particular only, but in all, matters have gone from bad to worse. There never was a time when chaos ruled more supremely than it does just now.


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