1904 11 03

1904 November 3rd       Cow in a Well for Twenty Hours

On Wednesday week a cow belonging to Mr Cheater, dealer, New Forest, was shut in a pasture adjoining the Swan Inn (by Ayleswade Bridge, Salisbury). Having been separated from her calf she became restless, broke through the fence and disappeared, and nobody knew what had become of her. On Thursday evening as Mr Brown was returning from work in the meadows, he heard moaning on the other side of the hedge. On going through he found them to come from the cow, which had fallen into a well now disused, but which had formerly provided a water supply to the old houses in Swan Lane, which were pulled down some time ago. It was found that in endeavouring to get into Swan Lane the cow had trodden upon the door which covered the mouth of the well, and which gave way and let the animal down a depth of from sixteen to eighteen foot. The poor beast was got out with great difficulty, and notwithstanding its being in the well for nearly twenty-four hours, was still alive. At first it was thought likely that it would get all right again, but on being examined later was found to be so cramped and chilled that it had to be slaughtered.


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