1904 07 08

1904 July 8th        A Drunken Freak

Man Charges Himself with Murder

On Wednesday morning a startling rumour gained credence in Amesbury and district. It was the effect that a man named Waite, a labourer at Bulford Camp, living at Ablington Pennings, had murdered and horribly mutilated his wife and three children.

From enquiries made, it seems that Waite actually did give himself up at Netheravon Police Station, to Sergeant Elkins, stating he had murdered his wife and children. He was locked up, and Sergeants Elkins and Scott (Amesbury) proceeded to the house where they found the woman and children perfectly unharmed.

The wife’s story was that her husband returned home on Tuesday evening about 8 o’clock greatly under the influence of drink and endeavoured to start a quarrel with her. Hot words followed, and Waite produced a bottle of whiskey which Mrs Waite snatched from him and threw it into an adjoining field. Waite fetched it and threw it at his wife’s head, but happily, it went wide of its mark. He then went into the house and commenced smashing the crockery.

Shortly afterwards he left the house, but returned again about 1am still more under the influence of drink, and again wrought havoc on the crockery and furniture.

At 5am he went out again, walked to Netheravon, and gave himself up for the murder of his wife and three children.


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