1902 08 08

1902 August 8th       Cyclists Strange Adventure

On Bank Holiday evening a farmer at Timsbury, near Romsey, saw what proved to be a human being on a bicycle, who from his appearance looked more like the bogey-man or an uncanny ogre. He stopped and asked him, “What he had been up to,” and the rider replied that he had fallen into a “slush hole.”

He looked as if he had, and was minus hat and coat, and was covered from head to foot with abominable slimy filth. The farmer then enquired where he was going, and he said “To Southampton.” “But,” said his interrogator, “you are going the wrong road.” The reply was, “Do you take me for a fool.” The farmer promptly rejoined that he did. Eventually, however, the rider retraced his steps, but whether he reached the noted seaport dead or alive is, our contemporary adds, somewhat of a moot question. He was asked where his coat was, and he had said he had thrown it over a hedge.

When the farmer arrived in town he saw signs of dripping mud and filth at the end of Budds’ Lane, which ends in a cul-de-sac. He went down it, and at the far end he saw where the rider had fallen in, and found his bicycle pump sticking in the ditch. On coming back he saw, near the sanitary field, that the man had fallen into a still worse slough, and there his hat was found. The filth in the ditches near this field is of an almost indescribable character, and it is a wonder the man did not lose his life through falling into it. But how is it that such mishaps are possible?


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