Illegitimacy and Pregnancy

Some of these cases are very difficult to judge, since clear evidence was not often sought in this area of morality, and their being on this list is no comment on the accuracy of the inquest or its findings. Some are cases of the deaths of illegitimate babies, and some the suicides of young females which one may possibly suspect have become pregnant and cannot bear the shame with which society burdened such a condition.

1869             Unknown infant

1875             Unknown infant

1876             Brown, Martha

1876             Goodfellow infant

1877             Eldridge, infant

1878             Russell, infant

1878             Pearcey, infant

1879             Ottoway, infant

1879             Blake, infant

1879             Martin, infant

1881             Parsons, infant

1881             Hayter, infant

1882             Nash, infant

1883             Berrett, infant

1883             Unknown, infant

1883             Saltar, Mary

1884             Yoe, Clara

1884             Read, Henry

1884             Payne, Anne

1885             Smith, infant

1888             Alsford, Martha

1888             Unknown, infant

1889             Warne, Elizabeth

1889             Cox, infant

1889             Doughty, infant

1890             James, Emily

1891             Stone infant

1891             Eyres, Annie

1892             Lawrence, Clara

1894             Springford infant

1894             Tanner infant

1894             Hopkins infant

1895             Andrews infant

1900             Thomas infant

1902             Street infant

1902             Hopgood infant

1907             Reynish, Mary

1908             Kenchington infant

1908             Norton, Gertrude

1914             Frances infant

1917             Bailey infant

1917             Portnell infant

1919             Mansfield infant

1919             Unknown infant

1919             Lodge infant

1920             White, Dorothy


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