Fires and Burnings

I intend to exclude those many burnings caused by getting too close to fireplaces, and concentrate on burning buildings and other accidents. There are one or two accidental poisonings but none of the many suicides by poison.

1868            Davis, Alfred

1869            Chislett, Henry

1875            Rodwell, Martha

1883            Ford, Elizabeth

1885            Collett, William

1885            Maton, William

1891            Stone, William

1891            Chalk, George

1892            Gray, Sarah

1892            Eacott, Maria

1892            Mead, Rosa

1893            Lucas, Thomas

1893            Pragnell, Henry

1893            Heighway, Mary

1895            Fisher, Abraham

1900            Cooper, Rachel

1901            Green, James

1904            Mundy, Edward

1906            Safe, Beatrice

1906            Hatcher, James

1908            Newman, Reginald

1909            Loder, Frederick

1909            Gray, Archibald

1909            Stone, Charles

1910            Wood, Stanley

1910            Fisher, Frederick

1910            Lewis, William

1911            Dunford, Hilda

1912            Sartin, Nessie

1913            Hesketh, Norah

1914            Blake, Samuel

1915            Bennett, John

1915            Gilbert, Archibald

1916            Sales, William, and Lee, Eliza

1916            Drake, Alfred

1917            Abel, Reginald

1920            Hiscock, Mr


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