Jenkins, William

Jenkins, William          1920 April 30th

Salisbury Man’s Death While Doing a Good Turn

After falling five feet from a ladder on to a stone pavement in Castle Street, William Fricker Jenkins, aged 58, a carpenter, of 33, St Martin’s Church Street, succumbed to his injuries in the Infirmary on Saturday. The inquest was held on Monday evening by the City Coroner (Mr A M Wilson).

Archibald John Fricker Jenkins, the son, said his father was a carpenter employed by Messrs Thomas Dawkins and Sons, builders, of Barford St Martin. He was a widower, enjoyed good health, and was only suffering at the time from a cold.

Percy Henry Bates, motor engineer, at the Castle Road Garage, said that on Friday, April 16th, he went to the garage just after 8 o’clock when he noticed that a signboard near the roof was hanging over the pavement in a dangerous position. He went to Messrs Dawkin’s yard, which adjoined the garage, and asked Mr Jenkins to assist him in removing the sign. He said he was unwell, but after a little hesitation he came, and as they were taking the sign down it got hitched in the shooting. He remained on the ladder while Mr Jenkins mounted a shorter ladder in order to assist in freeing the sign, and had mounted nine steps, or got about five feet from the ground, and they had just freed the sign when Mr Jenkins suddenly fell to the ground in a sitting position, a little on his right side. Witness fetched Dr Gordon, while passers by attended to Mr Jenkins, and on the doctor’s arrival he was taken to the Infirmary.

In reply to the Coroner, witness said that he could not say what caused Mr Jenkins to fall off the ladder, because he was not actually looking at him the moment he fell.

Miss Walsh, House Surgeon at the Infirmary, said that several days after the patient was admitted (suffering from shock, fractured ribs on the right side and injury to the lungs) he improved. But afterwards he took a turn for the worse and died on Saturday from hemorrhage following the injuries.

The Coroner returned a verdict of accidental death, and described the case as an absolute accident, and absolved everyone concerned from negligence.


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