Hodges, Elizabeth

Hodges, Elizabeth        1920 October 29th              Porton

Tragedy of Ill Health – A Sad Happening at Porton

Having been depressed and in ill health for some time, Mrs Elizabeth Hodges, the wife of Mr J Hodges, the host of the Railway Hotel, Porton, left home on Monday afternoon, and later the same day she was found lying face downwards in the river. An inquest into the sad affair was held by the South Wilts Coroner (Mr F H Trethowan) on Wednesday.

Mr Hodges said his wife had fits of depression but at other times she was quite cheerful. She had no worries or troubles in addition to her illness. On Monday she was very bright, and at her request a photographer came from Salisbury to take their portraits, and afterwards she seemed unnaturally bright. She afterwards went into the kitchen. Later on when tea was taken up to the sitting room she had disappeared. A search was made but she was not in the house, and eventually her body was found in the river at 11pm.

Bessie Johnson, a private nurse of Porton, said she had attended Mrs Hodges during the last three weeks and noticed that she had been subject to fits of depression.

Dr J J Armitage, of Salisbury, said he had been attending Mrs Hodges for some weeks. She was suffering from bronchitis and influenza. She had been depressed, but when he last saw her she appeared to be more cheerful.

PC Batten said that in consequence of Mrs Hodges’ disappearance he made inquiries, and eventually found her body in the river at Porton. She was lying face downwards in four feet of water, with a handbag near her.

A verdict of “Suicide whilst of unsound mind” was registered. The funeral takes place at Porton this (Friday) afternoon.


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