Gurd, Thomas

Gurd, Thomas            1920 August 27th         Wardour

Died Under An Anaesthetic

The City Coroner (Mr A M Wilson) held an inquest at Salisbury Infirmary on Monday afternoon touching the death of a patient, Thomas Gurd, of Wardour, who had been suffering from heart trouble.

The widow, Mrs Isabella Gurd, said her husband was 70 years of age, and was an old soldier, having fought in the last Afghan War. For some months he had been in poor health because he had suffered from heart disease, and on Sunday, as he took a turn for the worse, Dr Ensor ordered his removal to the Infirmary.

Dr Marjorie Hamilton King, assistant house surgeon, said Gurd was suffering from Hernia, and the house surgeon decided that an operation was necessary. Dr Kempe came to the Infirmary and it was agreed that a general anaesthetic of chloroform and ether, which was usually given in such cases, should be used. The patient was taken to the operating theatre, but he died a few minutes after the anaesthetic had been administered. It would have been impossible to carry out the operation without an anaesthetic, and had not the operation been attempted the patient would have died in 24 hours.

The Coroner returned a verdict to the effect that Gurd died from heart failure following an anaesthetic which was properly administered.


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