Gray, Elizabeth

Gray, Elizabeth      1920 September 17th           Zeals

Old Lady’s Fall

The Coroner for South Wilts (Mr F H Trethowan) held an inquest at Zeals on Wednesday in connection with the death of Elizabeth Gray, aged 70, the wife of Henry Gray, of Chapel Lane, Zeals, following upon a fall in the garden.

Emily Gray, her daughter, stated that she was staying with her father and mother in August, and at about 12.30 on the 15th of that month she heard a groan in the garden. On going out to discover the cause she found her mother on the ground holding her leg. She said she had fallen backward when pulling up a stick and on getting up she fell down again. Witness obtained assistance and her mother was carried into the house and put to bed. She nursed her till she had to return to London. Her sister also looked after her.

Dr Pope Bartlett, of Bourton, said he was called in on August 15th and found Mrs Gray suffering from a fractured hip. He attended her until her death on Saturday, September 11th. Bedsores developed and she died from septic poisoning.

The Coroner returned a verdict to the effect that death was primarily due to the accident on August 15th.


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