Carter, Arthur

Carter, Arthur          1920 February 13th            Burcombe

Scalded to Death

The Deputy Coroner for the City (Mr H S F Symonds), at the Infirmary on Friday, held an inquest upon the death of an infant boy, named Arthur Carter, who, it appeared, fell into a bowl of hot water which was standing on the floor, and he died as a result of severe scalds and shock.

Miss Walsh, the house surgeon, said the boy was brought to the Infirmary on Tuesday, February 3rd, suffering from extensive scalds on his body and legs. The child was conscious but he died on the evening of the following day from shock.

Annie Elizabeth Carter, wife of Albert Carter, a farm labourer, of Grovely Road, Burcombe, the mother, said he was one year and ten months old. She had had thirteen children, of which eleven were living. About 10.30 on Tuesday her son Arthur jumped down from his chair in order to run away from his brother Edwin, with whom he was playing, and fell into the bowl of hot water which had been placed on the floor by her daughter, who was cooking, and had strained the cabbages into it. She picked him up and attended to him, and also sent for a doctor. Twenty minutes later Dr Parker arrived and advised that the boy should be sent to the Infirmary. The child always enjoyed good health and could walk well for his age.

Winifred Violet Carter, 15, a domestic servant, corroborated. After straining the water in which the cabbages had been boiled in a basin which had been placed upon the floor, she went to the pantry to get a basin. Suddenly her brother screamed, and she saw that Arthur had fallen into the bowl of hot water.

The Deputy Coroner said the facts were very simple, and he returned a verdict of accidental death.


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