Atkins, Mary

Atkins, Mary     1920 October 29th         Woodford

Sudden Death of a Child

An inquest was held by the Coroner for South Wilts (Mr F H Trethowan) on Tuesday, on Mary Atkins, the infant daughter of Frederick John Atkins, of Court House Farm, Lower Woodford, who died on Sunday.

Mary Ward Atkins, mother of the child, said her daughter was born on September 20th, and on Sunday, in company with her husband and sister, she took the child on a motor ride to Brockenhurst to fetch her son. The child was apparently all right until on returning they had reached Salisbury, it cried, but after being fed seemed to be as usual. When the car stopped she got up to get out and handed the baby to her husband and noticed the child had a spot of blood on its nostril.

Dr Fison, who attended the child at birth, said it was apparently quite healthy. When summoned on Sunday it was dead. He tried artificial respiration without success. He made a post mortem examination and found there was malformation of the heart. Although he could not say the actual cause of death, that was the contributory factor.

A verdict of “Death from Natural Causes” was returned.


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